Arts Magazine

Marsden Hartley
Arts Magazine Nov. 77, Volume 52 No. 3 – Marsden Hartley, Kandinsky, and Der Blaue Reiter
Office at Night
Arts Magazine Jan. 78, Volume 52 No. 5 – Edward Hopper’s “Office at Night”
Andrew Dasburg

Arts Magazine June 78 Volume 52 No 10 – Andrew Dasburg: Recollections of the Avant-Garde

Patrick Henry Bruce

Arts Magazine April 79, Volume 53 No.8 – Patrick Henry Bruce and Arthur Burdett Frost, Jr.: From the Henri Class to the Avante-Garde

Richard Pousette Dart
Arts Magazine March 80, Volume 54 No.7 – Richard Pousette-Dart’s Emergence as an Abstract Expressionist
Influence of Theater and Film
Arts Magazine October 80, Volume 55 No.2 – Edward Hopper: The Influence of Theater and Film
Arts Magazine May 81, Volume 55 No. 9 – Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”
Thomas Hart Benson
Arts Magazine Dec. 81, Volume 56 No. 4 – Thomas Hart Benton, Synchromism, and Abstract Art
Room in NY
Arts Magazine Jan. 82, Volume 56 No. 5 – Symbol and Reality in Edward Hopper’s “Room in New York”
The Office Image
Arts Magazine Sept. 84, Volume 59 No. 1 – The Office Image in the Visual Arts
Current Museum Exhibitions
Arts Magazine Oct. 84, Volume 59, No. 2 – Current Museum Exhibitions: Old Options and New Approaches; The Cubist Rivera, The Late Bonnard, The Folding Image, and The Orientalists
Arts Magazine Novmber 84, Volume 59 No 3 – Primitivism in American Art: Some Literary Parallels of the 1910s and 1920s”
Byron Browne
Arts Magazine Summer 85, Volume 59 No. 10 – Byron Browne in the Context of Abstract Expressionism